memory soft pillow, memory foam

Welcome to Nu-Back!

As a division of BackSystems Inc., the Nu-Back product line consists of high quality products specifically designed to alleviate day-to-day neck and back pain.  You will find that we have the lowest prices on the net for Memory Foam products.

Memory Foam Pillow

The Memory Foam Pillow features a mild contoured surface which relieves contact pressure against the head and neck.  Featuring  3-lb. Visco-Elastic Foam, this pillow is engineered to be soft yet supportive.  The Memory Foam Pillow is the newest addition to the Nu-Back product line and is available in four sizes. 

When Great Sleep Is What You Need!



Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

The Memory Foam Mattress Topper provides the same soft, pressure-reducing support as the Memory Foam Pillow for your whole body.  These mattress toppers mold to every contour of your body, while providing the restful nights some of us thought we could never have again.  If you suffer from sleepless nights due to neck and back pain, our Memory Foam products are just for you.  The Memory Foam Mattress Toppers come in four sizes and in 2 or 3 inch depths.

We can also make custom sizes for Truck Sleepers, campers, or wherever else you lay your head.  Please contact us if you have questions.


memory soft pillow, memory foam